Update to my TOP 10 list:  I love buying stuff for my sweetheart – Scroll down for some more “Warm Base Layer” Christmas ideas (hot).  Missed my Top 10 blog?  Jump there now.

A different Kind of “Giving Tree”photo-33

Last night, some friends we hang out with weekly brought Christmas Cheer to our home.  The ingredients were pretty straight forward; two incredible cooks bringing amazing asian food, our “painted-during-Seattle Ice-storms” Christmas village (Christmas train chugging proudly around it), our “now-reduced-for-Christmas $270 tree , and some fantastic heart sharing.  (If you didn’t read the story of how we almost had to pay $500 for our mess-up, here’s the link)

We started with the feast, then prayed for those harmed in the Clackamas Town Center shooting.  From there we launched beyond our sated appetites to that happy place called Memory Land.  Our evening unraveled, like to rambunctious kittens playing with grandma’s yarn; several shared berry-pie-sized slices of personal experiences most had no heard before.  A few dozen tears reflected in eyes, smiles, a feeling in the air of belonging and trust.  It was a magical intimacy of friendship.  Much later that night I fell sideways into bed exhausted, but wrapped snugly in a deep, warm, peace.  No matter how commercial, how mean, or evil some people are; some friends experienced the true essence of Christmas together.  In a dark commercial society, light becomes even more valuable.  We let our light shine.

A living, Giving Tree has deep roots.  

Risk more.   Share from your heart.   Let others inside.  And from these roots, the best Giving Tree grows. It’s a rich gift that is sure to bring long-lasting, Christmas joy.

I was thinking, early this morning (a good way to start your day), about those who lined up on Thanksgiving afternoon to be at the front of the madness for some mostly fake savings on Christmas stuff.  I feel a bit sad most of these shopaholic numbed people who didn’t have deep-rooted friends that made the idea of lining up in front of some store on Thanksgiving afternoon completely absurd -a total waste of valuable friendship time.  This Christmas, give the best gift, the opening of your heart.  Sharing what matters most to you.  Find a mentor to help you open your heart.  I know numbers of people who have no clue how to do this.  This week three people approached me about learning to open up to others.  I’m excited for them.  Give this rare, priceless gift this season.  God first gave it to us.  Give it freely.  Everyone who has breath and a passion to love, was lovingly cared for as new-born baby.  It was a free gift from the heart that enabled us to live.  Pass this free gift on to others.   Don’t wait for tomorrow, or even five minutes from now;reach out, now.   Is this kind of giving risky?  Very!  But a risk worth taking.  People will sometimes reject you; some will hide from you how much it’s affecting them.   But the more you give, from deep within, the more alive you become.  I plan to continue on this adventure for as long as I’m consciously alive.  I choose to reject this living-dead syndrome isolates and keeps me in a prison of hiding.

You are a dear friend, or potential friend.  Thank you for sharing in this blog.  Have a happy trail-running-kind of adventure into deeper friendships.  Are you ready? Get set. GO!


Hot Woman’s underwear & a few other gift Ideas

I’m thinking these Merino Wool undies are so worth trying out (I’m looking to get Laura some for our Winter activities) – Check it out!  Icebreaker Brand is excellent ($$$).   Also, you might want try look at Sierra Trading Post – they have LOW prices.

Two more books to consider as gifts:

Alberto Salazar’s Guide to Running – Alberto, a legend in world of elite runners, builds a new pinnacle in 2012 by seeing two of the runners he coaches capture gold and silver in the Olympics.  Another member of his team missed getting the bronze by a fraction of a second.  Try reading some of this guys stuff this new year.

I’ve got this book on my Christmas list:  The Runner’s Guide to Yoga: A Practical Approach to Building Strength and Flexibility for Better Running, by Sage Rountree.  You might check out her Athletes guide to Yoga book too.

DVD Yoga:  I’m not saying this is the one to get; but it might be a start: Vinyasa Yoga For Runners 

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